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Resolute Nylon lifting belt - Pink

Resolute Nylon lifting belt - Pink

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If you want support and mobility, this Nylon lifting belt is the answer. 

We advise to buy a size smaller than you measure in our lifting belts, due the velcro strap giving extra give.

It is made from a durable, lightweight material, it gives maximum performance, comfort and great looks. It eliminates the possibility of the belt digging or pinching in the hip area.

  • Dual locking ring mechanism
  • 4" wide
  • 5mm thick

With a 5-inch wide, ultralight, flexible support panel, our weight belt provides the ideal degree of support while allowing full range of motion for use during exercise execution.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Our weight lifting belt designed features a heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle with a 2 inch Nylon Velcro strap to allow fast, easy and secure fit. The 12” Velcro area gives you the perfect fit every time.
LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE: The foam core interior is made from soft, breathable, plush tricot lining comfortably supporting the back and abdominals during heavy lifts. The heavy-duty straps allow you to set the good amount of compression to keep that waist tight throughout your workout.
BACK SUPPORT AND SAFETY: Weightlifting belts will eliminate pain by securing your back in a neutral position and stabilizing your core during execution.

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