Today we pick up the gauntlet and ask why be part of the few when you can join the many?
We're thrilled to introduce the New Legion Belt with an exciting design that is culmination of months of innovation and dedication.

Clear and hold
We believe this will shake up the the landscape by offering you a next level quality item and making it accessible to all.
With us, you don't have to compromise on quality or break the bank.
Lets create a legion of lifters who demand excellence without emptying your wallets.

The Legion Adjustable Lever takes your lifting experience to the next level by offering unparalleled convenience and adaptability. This a great alternative to traditional lever belts as it offers the ease of adjusting your belt in precise 1/2" increments.

With the Legion Adjustable Lever, athletes can effortlessly tighten or loosen their belt with a simple flick, allowing for seamless transitions between different exercises. Whether you're gearing up for heavy squats that require maximum support or preparing for deadlifts that demand a bit more flexibility, the Legion Belt has you covered.

Offering you greater adjustability like never before, empowering you to fine-tune your belt tightness on the fly.
Elevate your lifting game with the New Legion Belt and discover the difference precision and convenience can make in your training regimen.

Lets make a stand, join the Legion today & let us embark on this new journey together.