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STAB Tacky - Hot weather

STAB Tacky - Hot weather

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STAB Tacky - Hot weather 
Size: 350 ml
Brought to you from Team Affinity

*Hot Weather Tack is for 26c and above*

Cool weather has been used in 99% of all UK weather conditions! And helped win SCL and Arnolds Stone runs.

The new S.T.A.B Tack is built different. Engineered to have a greater resistance to high temperature “slip” when used correctly. To ensure you don’t miss that vital last inch or important last stone. Whereas tack is often adjusted via chemical viscosity to an existing base. 

The V2 warm weather tacks base has been entirely altered in comparison to our already outstanding and proven Cool Weather variant. With a huge 350ml and so little needed, each of the Tacks offered give you both value for money but a competition advantage. 

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