About Us

We are going to start at the beginning or our origin story while keeping this brief! As we are a family run company, we thought our tribe would appreciate hearing the story behind Resolute Strength Wear!

Let’s begin in 2016, when Andy and myself (Kate) were finally able to make the move to Canada with our then 3 year old son after a gruelling PR process. We have been together for going on 14 years now, and Andy spent 8 of those years competing as an amateur strongman. After a brief break from the competitive circuit to ensure our family’s stability, Andy began competing again locally.

One of the great things about strength based sports is that there aren’t many barriers to entry. Your will, and dedication to succeed will bring you very far.
That being said, why is it so hard to find a quality belt at an affordable price in today’s market?
According to strongman standards, a 56" chest isn’t even considered large yet it is next to impossible to find gear that fits well, serves its purpose, and doesn’t break the bank.

After many great meals and conversations with friends, we drummed up the courage to tackle this head on. We established connection with a group of artisanal leather workers, and Resolute Strength Wear was born!
Paired with my background of nearly 15 years in graphic design and Andy’s experience in the competitive circuit, we have the unique opportunity to make a One Stop Lifting Shop catered for every kind of body.

We started with customizable weight belts for all shapes, sizes, and genders!

As weight belts are generally the most expensive investment in the sport. Why not make it great quality, affordable, customizable, and absolutely epic?!

We always say your belt your way because we want to make a unique belt for your regardless of who you are!

Resolute at its core is a family business that’s main focus is fostering the weightlifting community in Calgary, Alberta, then Canada and more!
When you engage with Resolute you are engaging with us directly, either Andy or myself.

Whoever you are, whatever you need, we are here to help ensure that you have the best equipment at the lowest price, guaranteed!
We want to help, and we are here to answer any questions so please contact us, we appreciate all the support. If you would like your journey featured on our blog, just drop us a line!