Be part of the Tribe

Despite being a sensitive word in today's world, TRIBE means many things to us.

Please know that we believe there are no restrictions to the representation of strong.
TRIBE to us means community, support and positive, inclusive environment to be the best version of you.

What we're looking for:

Like with everything we do we don't follow a formula and we stand by the idea that one size most definitely does not fit all!
Having said that, we know who we like and the kind of people we want repping our stuff.

We want people active in strength sports with the minimum of 900 followers.
Sounds shallow, we know but we want to know you're active on the socials and in your community. 

Community & connection is key.

Our business is family-run and we're building something. If we've never heard of you, spoke to you or interacted on the socials we're going to say no if the first time we have heard from you is in hopes of something free.
We understand the value of influencers and we're happy to do short term mutually beneficial collaborations.
However we want people interested in building something with us, people who like what we do, our products and preferably we've had a connection with.

If we haven't put you off with all this, please fill form below and tell us about you.

See you on the road ⚔️



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