Resolute Financial Solutions

Resolute Financial Solutions, supporting athletes and their families.

For those of you who don’t know the origin story.
We started Resolute because I am, well – BIG. At 6ft 2 with a 56-inch chest getting great equipment that ticked all boxes was hard before we came along. We have made space for ourselves by offering you quality products at a great price and giving you as many options for size as possible.
From this our whole ethos has been body positive and making sure you are equipped. As a business we believe you, in whatever body you are in, deserve the best!
Covid has provided insight and out of this I have taken a big step. I’ve been doing a thing.
I’m licensed in life insurance, accident and sickness and can help with investments for your future.

So, how can I help you as athletes?
If you have a bigger BMI and have struggled to get life insurance and/or disability insurance, I can help. I have developed relationships with companies that have products which can help you and bring costs down.