Product Info & help

Here to help you see the wood from the trees!
We've set this page up to understand some of the differences of the products we provide and help you decide what will work best for your training.

Wrist Wraps
Wrist wraps, we offer 18" and 23" and like with so many things in lifting its personal preference.
However, generally, powerlifters tend to prefer the shorter wraps, quicker on and off, and still get great support.
If you are strongman training, you may prefer the 23" great for bigger lifts, and more wraps means more support. They can also fit a bit better if you have bigger hands and arms.
There are exceptions to every rule, but we have you covered!

Knee Sleeves
Neoprene sleeves are a powerlifting platform regular.
They are great if you want a full range of movement, comfort, and warmth.
They retain heat, which can help reduce swelling and ease pain.
Fit advice: These are tight, so wouldn't advise sizing down.

If you are looking for something to give you more weight and reps, then our Double Ply Sleeves are the answer.
They give great compression around the joints. And are elasticated to give you a workable stretch reflex. 
Fit advice: These are elasticated so have more give, If you wanted a tighter fit, try sizing down.

Wanna go big or go home? Then Triple ply are king!
All the advantages of the double ply sleeves but the extra ply make things like heavy squatting a breeze!
Be aware of using these in competitions however - these are generally not powerlifting platform approved and some Strongman events are a no go too, so check event rules.
Fit advice: These are not for the faint-hearted, it's a 2 person job getting these on and off so wouldn't advise sizing down.